Answers to our most common asked questions

Do you operate UK wide?

Yes, we operate throughout the UK providing full recycling and consultancy services and we also operate in other areas around the world.

How long have you been in the waste recycling industry?

The management team at 4R Group has many hundreds of years of combined experience, gained through working for both industry and Government bodies.

What industries do you work in?

We recycle materials from many different sources, including the production of potable water; food and drink manufacture and processing; pharmaceutical manufacture; chemical manufacture; sewage treatment; plasterboard and gypsum; mining and quarrying products; incinerator / combustor ash; compost and green waste; lime; canal dredgings and paper manufacture.

What kind of wastes do you recycle?

Organic and inorganic materials which are non-hazardous.

What do you do with the waste?

After careful assessment, we will agree the best option and recycle the material accordingly. Traditional outlets include agriculture, land restoration, use as raw materials in other industries and for materials such as animal by-products processing at licensed sites.

Are you a waste disposal company?

No, waste disposal companies often put materials into landfill. We are a waste by-product recycling company which means we stop materials going to landfill.

How do you know the wastes which you recycle are safe?

We use independent UKAS (nationally accepted performance standard) accredited laboratories for all of our chemical and microbiological analysis and our in-house technical team to determine the suitability of each material. Only when we are certain that the materials will not cause harm will we accept them for recycling.

Don’t the Environment Agency stop you from landspreading wastes?

No, but it can be tough to meet the Environment Agency's standard for authorisation. However, our in-house experts are able to provide the EA with sound professionally qualified advice to convince them of our technical arguments.

Our production of waste fluctuates at varying times of the year can you cope?

Yes we provide a bespoke reliable service that can quickly respond to the clients needs.

How will we know about any changes that may affect the recycling of our by-products?

Our Compliance team keeps a close eye on regulation changes and new legislation and this is relayed to our customers by your Account Manager or a newsletter.

We currently have a waste contractor providing a total waste management service on site how would your service fit in?

In normal circumstances the service we provide is specific to the material which general waste contractors struggle to handle, and so would welcome the opportunity to work alongside your present contractor to provide the most efficient service to you the customer.

Which types of restoration sites do you work on?

We can operate on a wide range of sites UK wide. Including acidic colliery spoil, opencast coal, aggregate quarries and pits, old landfill sites, old metal mine tips, china clay spoil and other poorly restored sites.

When you restore sites what is in it for the site owners?

Many sites have been restored many years ago and have once again become derelict and the owners have little or no funds available to improve them. 4R Group can provide a free to site owner restoration package, tailored to their individual site requirements.

What happens to the sites once they have been restored?

Sites can be returned to agricultural use, housing development or for community recreation.

I have plant and equipment available for land spreading materials, how can I become a sub-contractor of 4R Group?

Firstly, call us and we can explain in more detail. We have certain minimum requirements that ensure all work is carried out as instructed, effectively and safely. We are always happy to work with potential contractors to make sure they reach the required standard.

I’m already involved in recycling various by-products, but would like technical backup from time to time - can you help?

Definitely, we are happy to get involved at any stage.

What’s the main difference between 4R Group and sludge to land contractors?

In a nutshell - flexibility. Our approach is to find the best solution for each customer rather than applying a ‘one shoe fits all’ policy. By being flexible, we are able to introduce recent developments and new technologies on an ongoing basis which ensures our customers get the best service for them.

To find out more, talk to the 4R Group team on: 0800 0121 769

or send us an email: info@4r-group.co.uk