Recycling Waste By-products

4R Recycling works with many different industries and waste producers recycling a wide variety of by-products in the most beneficial ways possible. We look at all of the recycling options available for a particular by-product before agreeing the best solution for our client.

By-products handled by 4R Recycling will be recycled in various ways, including:

  • Applied directly to agricultural land as soil conditioners and fertiliser replacements
  • Used for the manufacture of soils in land restoration schemes
  • Composted and applied to agricultural land or restoration sites
  • Digested (aerobic or anaerobic) and applied to agricultural land or restoration sites
  • Utilised in the production of fertiliser replacement products
  • Mixed and blended to produce quality livestock bedding

Before any by-product is recycled it is subjected to thorough technical scrutiny by our government trained soil scientists and in-house Technical Team. This process can involve chemical and biological testing, plant growth trials (Bioassays) in our glasshouse facilities, leaching tests and field experiments to prove that the by-products confer agricultural benefit.

What Can we Recycle?

We have the experience and technological knowhow to recycle practically any by-product. With many decades of experience, we will most likely already have some knowledge and ideas of how to recycle your particular by-product and we will probably have done it before. If it is a new material or technology to us, we are perfectly placed to explore and develop new options, calling on our sister company 4R Environmental Consultants for input as required. 

Examples of By-products Recycled

The company designs and implements bespoke recycling solutions for a wide variety of by-products including biosolids (sewage sludge), water treatment sludges, food & drink residues, animal by-product, lime, gypsum, green waste, ash, paper crumble, dredgings, compost, digestate (aerobic & anaerobic) and Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) residues.

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Looking for scientifically tailored consultancy for environmental regulation and compliance?

4R Environmental Consultants’ experienced team offers a range of services to clients needing expert advice in the areas of Soil Science and Environmental Compliance; Environmental Investigation and Risk Assessments; Waste Assessment and By-product Development.


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