Specialist Expertise

With many years combined experience, 4R Group has assembled teams of technical specialists to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ of skills designed to benefit clients via the provision of a diverse range of practical solutions and advice - from Environmental Impact Assessments, Planning Permission and Waste Management Regulations to By-product Development and Anaerobic Digestion consultation.

WAMITAB and FACTS qualified, 4R Recycling experts are primarily focused on by-product and waste recycling and have both the practical and scientific agricultural backgrounds that allow them a unique insight into the industry and its requirements. Their many contacts with farmers and growers throughout Britain enable them to find land suitable for the recycling of numerous materials that provide agricultural benefit to the land.

4R Group's technical strength in soil science has enabled the company to develop recycling outlets for a wide range of industrial and utility by-products in land restoration schemes which are generally referred to as the ‘Soil from Spoil’ offer.  Many landfills, former collieries and former mineral workings have benefitted from this process UK wide.

4R Environmental Consultants core skills are: soil and plant sciences, pollution management and environmental protection of soils, water bodies and the atmosphere. The team's expertise extends to legislative and regulatory compliance relating to waste handling, waste treatment and beneficial recycling to land, with additional expertise across sectors as diverse as Environmental Permitting, Waste Management Regulations, Land Remediation and Air Accident Clean Up.

Understanding and working in compliance with environmental regulations requires knowledge of sound technical arguments and compliance requirements relating to the whole environment. 4R Group experts excel in these key skills, which means our competence can help our clients to maintain compliance with increasing levels of regulation across the environmental sector.

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